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The Ship and Mitre B team are a part of the Liverpool Open Darts League. Like the A team, who are also in the league, they play at the Ship and Mitre pub on Dale Street in the City Centre.

Ship and Mitre B have been in the Liverpool Open Darts League since the league combined in 2013.

Before then, they played in the Gentleman’s A League, and in their final year in this division, they won it by two points over Cuffs A.

Since then, Mitre have performed at around a mid table level having had two seventh placed finishes and then 10th- although at this time it was second bottom before the league was expanded to 16 teams.

The team plays on a Monday night and are captained by Peter Mylchreest.

Twitter- @ShipMitreB

Facebook- facebook.com/shipmitreb

Any other enquiries- 1401400@chester.ac.uk