Ship and Mitre B face daunting Five a Side test


Ship and Mitre B head to Masons in the Five a Side tournament on Monday with the odds seriously stacked against them.

Their first game is against the defending Liverpool Open Darts League champions the Gateway and, should they get through that game, they could be facing champions elect Claremont. Also in the bracket is Ship and Mitre A B.

It is without a doubt, with the top two teams in the league there, a group of death. Peter Mylchreest said the draw was “intimidating for both teams, but we can only go and do our best.”


He elaborated in his captains corner this week: “At the risk of sounding defeatist, we have no chance to whatsoever. We have a really tough draw but I’m guessing things wouldn’t be significantly different had we avoided this block and played somewhere else.”

Mitre booked their place in this round with a 3-2 victory at Masons against their A side, while Gateway A beat Oak Tree C to book their place at this stage. Claremont A beat Newstead A’s A team away from home. Ship and Mitre A B were given a bye .

Last week, Ship and Mitre A narrowly lost 5-4 at home to Liver Vaults, while Gateway and Claremont won 7-2 away from home against Oak Tree and Village Inn respectively- while Ship and Mitre B lost their third game in a row 8-1 against Peg Legs.

As always, we will be at the game, doing a live feed on Twitter.


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