Herculaneum Bridge Review


The Hercualnieum Bridge Hotel, aka Peg Legs is a small looking pub in Dingle, conveniently close to Brunswick train station.

It grabs its name ‘Peg Legs’ after one of their former landlord had a Peg Leg and it was nickname created to honour him.

But once you go inside, there is much more than meets the eye.

There is a lot of history on the walls with a lot of old posters from different places in time- proving how long the pub had been there- Peter Mylchreest played for the team in the 70s and 80s.

Not unlike some other pubs I have been in, the pub is split into two sections with the darts in one room, and the rest of the pub in another room. I’m not sure if I like it like that, purely because it would be nice to get the atmosphere of the pub as a whole.

However, this darts room was like something I had not seen before. It was a big room with two boards right next to each other, one with very smart looking lighting, this was the main board.

They also use whiteboards instead of the traditional blackboards, which to me looked better. Whiteboards are a lot cleaner than blackboards and it added to the more modern aesthetic of the room.


There was also a small upstairs area with yet another dart board, which was where the team practiced. There was also a seating area up there, which is where the team stayed when they were not playing.

Overall, it was a lovely pub and it is a classic example of utilising the space. When you look on the outside you don’t expect to see what is in the inside and its a very pleasant surprise. Definitely one of the better pubs on the circuit.


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