Mitre suffer third defeat in a row at Peg Legs


Ship and Mitre B suffered a third defeat in a row as they went down 8-1 at Peg Legs- their second 8-1 defeat in three games.

It was a match where doubles played a huge part- Steve Dobby was the only player to get off with his first three darts.

Paul Kelleher was up first against Sean Farrell. While Kelleher took 12 darts to get away, Farrell was relentless as he worked his way down the board and took out 50 on D16 to complete a 14 darter.

It was not the start Mitre were looking for and Hywel Jones was up next, but he had similar trouble with his starting double, missing 12 darts himself. Paul Symn on the other hand, followed his team mates lead and got his way down to a double and won with a 58 checkout completed on tops.


Missed doubles were also a theme in Keith Farrell’s game against Mary McGovern. He also missed 12 darts at a double, although a 115 gave him a real chance to win the leg, but McGovern was able to take out tops straight away.

Peg Legs Averages

The problem was seriously evident when John Gibbons stepped up to the oche, as he missed 30 darts at his starting double and although Lol Jones missed 15 to start himself, his consistent scoring got him down to a finish and he was able to take out 48 to put Peg Legs at match point in double quick time.


But there was soon to be a light at the end of a tunnel, as Chris Ruddy stepped up. Although he took 12 darts to get off again, he was the first Mitre player to have a dart to finish. He missed D7 for an 88 checkout and he was made to pay for it as Billy Swann went out on D2.

Then Dobby was able to put Mitre on the board with a 14 dart leg, beating Dave McCabe. An 83 and an 80 score brought him down well and won the leg, hitting tops after previously wiring it for a Shanghai on the 20s.

But the respite was short lived as Rob Warbrick stepped up against Keith Philburn. Warbrick missed six darts to start as Philburn, whose scores included a 100 and an 80 to set up 32 which he took with the first dart.


The last game saw Peter Mylchreest come up against Keith Farrell. Mylchreest missed six darts to start but then wasn’t scoring consistently enough, he left himself on 72 but Farrell was on 20, which he took out with his second dart at D10.

With that, Mitre ran out of players, not for the first time since the turn of the year, confirming an 8-1 defeat. Just three weeks after their defeat to Claremont by the same score line.

It doesn’t get any easier for Mitre as they head to Masons to face Gateway and potentially Claremont and Ship and Mitre A in the five a side.


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