Feature: Facilities could be an issue

The nervous wait before the grand entrance through to a packed full arena who are all shouting and also clapping with loud music playing to the choice of the dart player. Whom dances on full of confidence. Respectful jealousy, there is nothing better than the global stage, sold out tickets, the drink flowing, these are the tickets that fans who don’t have one envy those who do on the special occasion.

But isn’t that what make the sport so unifying, while still in its purest form, those moments when sportsmen and women rise above themselves to achieve greatness for fans to admire and emulate as athletes they are the face of the next generation to mould the sport in success to attract new followers.

Different perspective

It is a different picture for amateurs, a small local pub whose facilities are not really up to the high standard the elite level of darts which also includes the dart board, with Liverpool Darts league have different issues, and can count on one hand how many people from the public watch darts being played in the local watering whole.

One pub in particular, before the opposition turned up ten minutes before the proposed time to warm up, sprayed water on the main dart board which was a bit suspicion since it is something that hasn’t been seen before this season. Looking closer at the board it has a ring of light to light up the board better.


When asked about it Peter Mychlreest said before the game: “They spray the board with water to soften it, not often do my darts fall out, but I have had three just from practising.”

“The board is very hard to change or even just to rotate it round, to change it they will have to take the lighting system down to change if it such a faff, it is easier just to leave it as it but it doesn’t give either team the advantage because the 60 has been hammered, so it’s tough for the dart to stick.

“Each pub in the league use their preferred setups, this one is out there, it is good for one thing, and that is to eliminate shadows but it does make the board maintenance very hard and time taking.”

Maybe every pub in the league should have the same routine to make it fair such as the target lighting system although financial gain would be minimal but would it be beneficial to the amateurs remains to be unseen. Comparing to the televised elite level sport have the perfect setup, the perfect lighting, the perfect everything to help media and the players play in the best condition as possible.


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