Opinion: Is Ship and Mitre B’s patchy form due to not having a full team?

img_0114Attendance is a topic that has come up quite frequently this year with Ship and Mitre B. Whenever they have a full team, they seem to win and when they don’t, they seem to lose.

In any sport, good attendance is crucial, it is not just a physical help but it can also be a psychological one to those already there.

When the full team isn’t there, it can be disheartening for the players who turn up, they may not feel as though they have the full backing that their efforts perhaps deserve.

It all came to a head during Mitre’s 8-1 defeat at the Village Inn and they were only able to take seven players to the Stockbridge Village pub, leading to captain Peter Mylchreest saying “you can’t win when you can’t even take a full team down.”

This defeat was an 11th in a row for the B side after ten finish 2016.

They then went on a run of three straight victories with a 7-2 victory over Newstead B, a 6-3 win over O.D.V.A. and a 6-3 win in the Ship and Mitre derby. All of which saw a full team, even an overly full one, head to the Oche.

Their recent defeats against Liver Vaults, Claremont and Queen of Martyrs have coincided with Mitre not having a full team to put out. And sandwiched between these, when they faced Glasshouse, they also had a full squad of players.


Mylchreest recently said during the 5-4 defeat to Queen of Martyrs: It’s always disappointing to have to forfeit the match at 4-4 because you have run out of players. We may not have won the last game but there is always a chance. At Home this simply shouldn’t happen.”

Looking at the statistics, it is hard to disagree with him. Having been to all the games this year, there is a noticeable difference when there isn’t a full team. The classic example was the Ship and Mitre derby.


When Chris Ruddy hit his winning double, confirming victory for B in that game, you could see the relief on Ruddy’s face and the celebrations on the sideline was a joy to behold for all involved. However, when there isn’t a full team, the atmosphere at the side seems a lot more subdued.

However, one other thing you have to consider is they are only amateurs. If they do not want to, then they have no legal obligation to be there, but you would hope that because they have signed up for a team, they would want to have the heart and the passion to be there.

Personally, I think this team has the potential to be something special, but to do that, they need to be putting out full sides and have a full squad that they can rely on. Should they get that, then they can aim higher up the table in the Liverpool Open Darts League


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