Mylchreest frustrated at attendance for Queen of Martyrs defeat

It’s always disappointing to have to forfeit the match at 4-4 because you have run out of players. We may not have won the last game but there is always a chance. At Home this simply shouldn’t happen. I think I’ve made my view on fielding a full team on a number of occasions and I really can’t add anything more.
If a team can’t field a full team they forfeit any games they can’t play. They had a ninth player ready to play and we didn’t, game over. If a match gets to 4 all and neither team has a final player, the rules are that the captains can either play a one game decider against each other or rearrange the match by contacting the league secretary. Doesn’t happen very often.
It was a funny match really [against Queen of Martyrs], we might have won two of the games we lost and we probably should have lost two of the games we won- balanced themselves out really. I think everyone who turned up gave their best in the game.
I’m expecting a very tough game on Monday from Peg Legs. One thing I know for sure is that they will have a full team in attendance!


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