Mitre run out of players at the wrong time in Queen of Martyrs defeat

img_0116-2Ship and Mitre B’s lack of a full squad proved costly as they lost 5-4 at home to Queen of Martyrs on Monday.

Ged Lofthouse started proceedings but couldn’t beat Steve Ashe. A couple of slack visits from Lofthouse ended up costing him, but Ashe was able to go out clinically on D10 to complete a 17 dart leg.


But Steve Dobby was able to level the game as he threw a brilliant leg which included a score of 100. He was able to check out 49 on D16 to beat Kevin McCulley.

However, Hywel Jones couldn’t keep the momentum  going as he couldn’t get past Kevin Fitzgerald. Although the Queen of Martyrs man failed to get off with his first three darts, he threw more consistently than Jones and was able to check out on tops.

Responsibility then fell to Mark Plumley to level proceedings again and he did so brilliantly with some brilliant scoring. It took him a while after he got down to a double, but he was eventually able to take out D12 for 2-2.


It was then the turn of Keith Farrell, who was playing in his first game of the season and a slow start  cost him as it took him 21 darts to start. By which, Phil Jones had already got down to a double, although he made a bit of a mess of it, he still was able to win it on D2.

We caught up with Farrell after the game, see what he had to say here.

Queen of Martyrs averages

It was then the turn of Peter Mylchreest and he was able to level the game again with some great scores including a 71 and a 98. He was able to take out 43 cleanly in two darts.

Mitre then moved in front for the first time in the night as Rob Warbrick recovered to win his game against Will Thompson. Despite failing to get away with his first three darts, Warbrick’s consistent scoring was able to get him down to a double and he took out 42 in two darts to win it.

But then with Paul Kelleher unable to get off, Richie Waterhouse was able to level the game  unopposed. It took him six darts to get off, but once he did, his power scoring was able to get him over the line. He started with 97 and then hit 81 and 83 to set up tops, which he took straight away.


That result meant the game was to go to a tiebreaker but with no players left, Mitre were forced to surrender the final game, falling to their second defeat in three games.



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