Mylchreest on Individuals, Queen of Martyrs and Five a Side

Peter MylchreestI really didn’t play as well as I could on Monday and if my opponents finishing had been better I wouldn’t have made the final. Having said that, I thought I should of at least won the first game in the final block. At the end of the day, the better player went through.

 In the first game against Mick Doonan I learned one thing: never, ever, give up. No matter how far ahead the other guy is, it’s the  finishing double that counts.

 I missed quite a few darts at a double in the second game against Richie Waterhouse and that makes all the difference. If it had gone 1-1 you never know.

 We’ve got Queen of Martyrs on Monday. They are a good side and it will be a hard game. All I’m hoping for is a full team.

The Five a Side cup draw couldn’t have been much more difficult for both us and the A team. We’ll  give it a good go and see what happens.


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