Oak Tree Review


Recently, it was the individual tournament held at the Oak Tree in Huyton, where eight players went head to head for a place in finals night of the tournament.

The pub is certainly one of the biggest locations in the list of venues in the Liverpool Open Darts League, in a good location as well on the corner of Liverpool Road.

Whilst the darts was in a different room, not uncommon in these sort of pubs, it never felt away from the atmosphere. There was a still a pool table and  a television showing the FA Cup match between Chelsea and Manchester United.

The darts area itself was great, it was well lit and there was plenty of space. What was also nice is that there was a little stage area where the oche and that was good to see that the darts could have its own little pedestal within the pub.

And the best part was that there was a bus stop right outside, so it was incredibly easy to get home from there.

The only criticism would be the area around the pub. Just down the road there is a pub/function room with a bullet hole in the window, which is slightly unnerving. It is also very close to the spot where 13-year-old Frankie Murphy was killed by a car. Some of these cannot be helped of course, but these geographical factors should not take away what is a very nice pub.


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