5 Facts about darts

Here are five facts that you probably didn’t know about darts.


  1. Did you know Raymond van Barneveld struck the first nine-darters in the PDC World Championship back in 2009. He has since managed to gain a total of nine, nine-darters in his career.



  1. John Part was the first player to win a World title in three different venues: Alexandra Palace (2008), Lakeside (1994) and Circus Tavern (2003)


John Part celebrating a win / photo: Daily Express


  1. There are 3,944 ways of achieving the perfect nine-dart finish in a game of 501.



  1. In 1977 Muhammed Ali tried his hand at darts in an exhibition match against Welsh champion darter Alan Evans who was only allowed to score on trebles. Ali checked out with a bullseye and declared himself “Darts champion of the world.”



  1. The game is said to have been founded in Europe towards the end of the 19th century; it is believed soldiers would use arrows to throw into trunks of trees.

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