Mylchreest heads to Oak Tree for Individual games

16195991_352029708523533_3921922870202604488_nSkipper Peter Mylchreest will be hoping to represent the Ship and Mitre B with pride as he heads to the Oak Tree in his bracket for this years individual tournament.

In his first game, he will be taking on Watts from the Melbourne.

Also in the bracket is Doyle from the Village Inn, Steve Geddes from Peg Legs, Dave Roberts from Newstead A, Waterhouse and Doonan from Queen of Martyrs and John Chapman from Liver Vaults.

Speaking in his weekly captains corner, he said “I would be happy just to win a game, considering I still don’t have my proper glasses.”

Mylchreest will be hoping to bounce back from his two defeats last week, and ccarry on all fronts for the Mitre.

If you cannot make the game, we will be broadcasting live on Twitter, @ShipMitreB


K Doyle (Village Inn) vs. Steve Geddes (Peg Legs)

Dave Roberts (Newstead A) vs. R Waterhouse (Queen of Martyrs)

John Chapman (Liver Vaults) vs. M Doonan (Queen of Martyrs)

Peter Mylchreest (Ship and Mitre B) vs. A Watts (Melbourne)


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