Mylchreest looking to bounce back from two defeats this week

img_0106We were beaten 8-1 on Monday by Claremont. Avoiding the whitewash was our first target and given we had a weakened team we did well achieving that. You know my thoughts on team attendance, I won’t dwell on it.

Also that night, there was the secretaries tournament where I lost 2-0 against Robbie Ward. Robbie is a great player and I was happy in the first game to get a dart at a double against the throw. My slow start and Robbie’s 180 in the second game took it well out of reach. The best player won.

There are some great players in the block for the individual games on Monday and, if I can sort my vision out, I would be happy winning a game to be honest.

I’ll do my best but realistically winning the first match would be an  achievement. Still haven’t got my new glasses and haven’t been able to get any practice in. I’ve got an appointment with the optician on Monday and hope to at least get some contacts on my proper prescription!


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