The math behind the perfect nine-dart finish

Take a look at the math behind the perfect nine-dart finish.

Stunning Darts

Darts holy grail – nine-dart finish. The maximum points a player can score on his own, throwing an 180 and a nine-dart finish is the rarest of rare in the darting world, only a few televised nine-dart have been witnessed, and many grass root level players only dream of achieving.

Few have done it, and some have struggled to come close to replicating the accuracy of Raymon van Barneveld in 2009, a five-time world champion struck the first nine-darter in the PDC World Championship. Who has since managed to gain nine, nine-darters in his career.



Big Break in Numbers

The perfect leg in the world of darts is using only nine darts, to be able to check out from 501. It is tough to achieve even for the top professionals and is dreamed by amateurs of the sport.

There is a possible of 3944 ways to be able to achieve the perfect nine- dart finish

Darts numbers

However, the easiest possible way and the most memorable is:

Treble 20 (60), treble 19 (57) and double 12 (24)

Treble 18 (54), treble 17 (51) and double 18 (36)

Treble 20 (60), treble 15 (45) and double 18 (36)


Treble 20 (60), treble 19 (57) and Bullseye (50) = 167. Do it three times, and I believe it’s your round.

Throwing Poetry

To be able to hit the perfect nine-darters is to know the dart board, knowing the dart board and the math to go with it. However, it will be down to the player’s ability to be able to hit the right target.

Darts board

Since the first and Notable players

The first televised nine-dart finish was back in 1984 when John Lowe played against Keith Deller and as of November 2016, 49 televised achieved by 24 different men.

27 years since the first nine-darter finish at the BDO World Championship which Paul Lim against Republic of Ireland Jack McKenna do.

“Who would ever think a guy from Singapore would hit the first nine-darter at the World Championship?” the 60-year-old told BBC Sport.

“I think I got lucky. There was a darts God up there looking after me.

“It became the start of something for me – my life and my future. It was all from the nine-darter.

“Without that, I don’t think anybody would know who I am.”

It took until 2010 for the first time both players to hit nine-dart finishes in a single match, which was by both British players – Phil Taylor and

Over 200 professional players have found the math behind the perfect nine-dart finish, which has both been televised and untelevised. However, before 2006 just only ten players had achieved the unthinkable.

It can only continue to grow.


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