Skipper reflects on a big week in the season of Ship and Mitre B

Overall I thought the team played very well, with a chance of winning in all but one game. It was good to see us take advantage of throwing first by getting off early in the majority of games and there was some good finishing on display.
The character we showed was very welcome. It’s easy to get down when you fall behind. particularly if you don’t have a full team. Thankfully we had a couple of people turn up out of the blue to bolster the numbers.
I also won in the Charlie Frost Trophy this week. The first game was very close and I guess I only won it because I won the toss and threw first and hit my double with the first dart. The second game was over in 13 darts, starting with 108, hitting 85, then 56, two darts at 32 then a finish on double 8.
A lot depends on the draw in terms of how far I can get. I’m confident with my game currently although  I broke my glasses on Thursday and it’s going to take two weeks to replace them! I’m wearing an old pair to get by but the prescription is a bit old and I’m struggling to see what I’m hitting
The Claremont game is always a challenge and our first target will be to avoid a whitewash. Then we’ll try to win more games than we did in the reverse fixture (just one!).


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