Glasshouse Review


I will admit, had I not been getting a lift to the Glasshouse for this match, I may well have gone past it as there is no sign on the front. The fact I was travelling with players who knew the destination was a big help.

In the run up to going, I had heard horror stories about the area, I hadn’t been to Vauxhall before so I had no idea what to expect, although the only experience I had was of the pub, it wasn’t too bad.

The pub itself was possibly one of the smallest Ive been in. The bar area is just a single aisle and then it opens up slightly for the darts area, although the action was somewhat overshadowed by events at the King Power Stadium as Leicester City were beating Liverpool 3-1.

Even area of the darts area was limited. The oche to the left was blocked off by a glass pane, behind which was the ladies toilets and even to the right, a huge couch area with stools allow spectators to get close to the action.

All in all though, it was a good night out, despite some of the setbacks the pub has. The people really do light up the pub,  and this was definitely the case here. Decent service to get served, and the conversation was flowing really well.

And the trip was made even better by the fact Mitre won 5-4.


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