My experience on the Oche: Part Four

img_7969Recently, I was drafted in to help the team again during their 7-2 defeat to Liver Vaults, the first game I had played in since my catastrophe on the doubles against Arkles.

This time, I was playing Tommy Rooke, once again it was the final game and the result was already decided.

Just like in the last game, my doubles seriously let me down. It took me a good few darts to get away again, but thankfully he did too.

Eventually, I managed to get off on 32 and from there my game actually improved. I scored 72 and 100 off the back of that which left me on a 94 checkout.

The standard way to take out 94 is to hit T18 and then D20, I hit T18 with my first dart and the second dart, I moved the D20 wire, I initially thought I’d hit it, but I didn’t and I went low on the third and that is where it all started going wrong.

D10 was not my friend that night. I just kept on missing and not just missing, but finding the wrong bed which meant I was busting my score. So decided to mix it up a bit so I had it in my head to go for single four, double eight. However, it didn’t end up like that.

Instead of hitting the single four, I hit single 18 meaning I left myself in the madhouse again and it didn’t end well. Whilst all this drama with my doubles was going on, Rooke was eating into his score and eventually went out on two D13s. To say I was gutted was an understatement.

This was a huge learning curve for me, but certainly my best game for the team so far.The only part of my game left to work on now is doubling, if I can get that sorted, then there is no reason why I cannot be a better player.



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