Mylchreest reflects on tough week

We lost to Liver Vaults on Monday and the reason we lost was simple, failure to hit a starting double. The first two games could easily have gone to us despite giving the away team 9 or 12 darts start, if we had started quickly there’s a chance we could have been 2 nil up rather than the other way around. Almost impossible task after that having to win all but one of the remaining games.
To be fair, my game could have gone to the opposition as well, I thought their player hit some decent scores. I was happy overall, it’s always difficult to focus when there’s nothing riding on the game. A little disappointed that the 120 wasn’t a maximum, the dart that didn’t score was a dead cert T20 but for the Robin Hood!
We should have been playing in the pairs tournament this week but we had to withdraw. I had no choice really, I’m in London for three days and the block format on the night makes it impossible to rearrange anything.
Not practicing is the real problem we have in breaks between games. We have the Glasshouse next, which should be a close game. I think the teams are fairly close in ability and we owe them one from the last game. As I recall their starting and finishing on the night was ruthless. We need to do that ourselves.


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