Ship and Mitre Review


This may seem slightly pointless as Ship and Mitre B play at the Ship and Mitre, but as this was an away game, it felt necessary.

The Ship and Mitre derby took place on Monday  night, as B claimed their third win in a row with a 6-3 victory.

The Ship and Mitre is a very good pub in a brilliant location, just outside the city centre. It probably has the widest range of ales out of the pubs I have been to so far in the Liverpool Open Darts League so far.

There are two boards there, one to practice on and another to play on and there are in quite close proximity to each other, so you could literally turn around and have a practice before your game.

There is a bench there to sit, but in terms of spectating,  there is not a lot else, purely because there isn’t the space. But you can feel every shot going in when you are there, you can feel the agony and ecstasy of the spectacle that is darts.

Overall, even though this was an away match it still felt like a home game, the only difference was B were throwing first, whilst at home it is the other way around. So it was a nice familiar away game, the first familiar one so far.


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