Peter Mychlreest says they need a full team if they to be successful

Peter Mychlreest believes Ship and Mitre’s winning streak is a result of having a full-strength squad at his disposal.

The Dale Street side have struggled for much of the season but have enjoyed a revival in recent weeks.

Mitre saw off O.D.V.A on Monday night to secure back-to-back wins for the first time this term – and Mychlreest is hoping they can continue to build on their momentum.

“As you could see from the lads’ reaction when Bobby won, how much they enjoyed the winning feeling,” said Mychlreest.

“It might be coincidence, but our two wins have coincided with having a full team two weeks running. Let’s hope we can keep the attendance up!”


Rob Warbrick was the hero of the night as he sealed victory in the penultimate game.

Mychlreest was delighted with the overall display of his team but questioned the visitors’ tactics.

“They kept their best player until the last game, but we still won,” said the skipper.

“We dropped our focus when the first game was on the board, but being realistic, three of the first five games could have gone either way.”

B now face a derby clash with Mitre A knowing that a third win on the spin would move them to within two points of their rivals.



Mike Coates in action | photo: Steven Hughes

Mychlreest added: “Form goes out the window. We just need to get a good start. One thing I am sure of, they will have a full team. Let’s hope we do.”

The win will fire Mitre B to just two points behind the A team and the Masons, Mylchreest is staying optimistic about the rest of the season but is taking it “one step at a time.”

He concluded: “I’ll tell you in May.”


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