Mylchreest is staying positive

Ship and Mitre B team’s captain Peter Mylchreest says the game on Monday was “convincing on paper” but can’t get to relax as there is a lot of work left to be done till the season ends.

His comments come after the 7-2 win at home against bottom of the league Newstead B team.

In an interview reflecting on the match, Mylchreest said: “It is a relief, although the win was a convincing one on paper, there were a couple of games that could have gone either way.”

Win brings confidence

“I don’t think it gives credit to how the games went overall, a couple of games could have gone the other way, and that would have changed things significantly.

“I thought a couple of their players played well.” He said.

With the high hopes of being able to put a string of results in their favour together to pull away from the bottom and is “always positive” to get a win even when there is no hope.

The next game on the fixture list is O.D.V.A who are also near the bottom of the league. However, the significant disadvantage is that the match is away.


“We have already played ODVA twice this season, and both games were very close. I think it all depends on the travel.” He added.

A decisive win complemented the captain’s advancement through to the Secretary’s tournament, without playing the game.

The want to “play” and win with “merit” but with no notice and “no idea” when the next chance the game will be played so there was no “other choice” but to take the win.

He concluded: “Personally I think there’s a decent chance of at least getting through to the next round.

“There are only eight people left in, and the draw will make a difference. In a one-off game, anything can happen.


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