Match report: Mitre B put an end to their 11 game losing streak

The Ship and Mite B team thrashed Newstead B 7-2 in their bottom of the table clash on Monday night.

The win at their home pub, they have ended their 11 game losing streak, and however, it leaves them still second from bottom.

Slow start

Hywel Jones started off for Mitre, despite such a slow start to get on the board, he just couldn’t catch up to his opponent as Ronnie Ryan storms through to get the first game on the board for Newstead B.

Jones was scratched off from the board, which put pressure on his next teammate John Gibbons.

Gibbons was up against Paddy Littler, who again was quick to get off the mark as Gibbons trailed behind.

Neither player could hit the last needed double to put the game to bed, but finally getting down to needing a double one it was the home team to equal the game and Littler to be scratched off the board.

It was then Ged Lofthouse up against Steve Ramsden, but nothing fazed Lofthouse as he was quick to leave him with nine on the board.


But he couldn’t get the finish he wanted which allowed Ramsden the advantage to edge closer to finish.

However, Lofthouse with coolness takes the win to give Mitre the one game lead over their opponents.

Steve Dobby, despite having such a great start just wasn’t able to grasp hold of the golden opportunity to give Mitre the lead they wanted.

It was his opponent, Eunice Casey who was able to keep her nervous in check to level the overall score to 2-2 while Dobby is scratched off the board.

Confidence growing

In the fifth game, it was Chris Ruddy against Lyn McGowen, Ruddy got off to the great start, whereas, hi opponent lacked in finishing tops to get his campaign underway.

To make it a quick round, Ruddy was fast to get double 16 to finish the game to give Mitre once again a one game lead.

The next match, Rob Warbrick was up against Jackie Sheldon, with confidence he put the game away on his 14th dart to give Mitre a two-game lead over Newstead B.

Captain Peter Myclhreest stormed through to leave him with 40 on the board, but he wasn’t able to check out hwhich gave Michael Sonne had the chance to catch up.

Despite the efforts of Sonne, Myclhreest gets double 10 to finish the game, and Sonne name scratched from the chalkboard.

The struggling form of Newstead B continued into their last two games as Dione Breen in a desperate attempt to get off the mark was unable too, as Paul takes the advantage to storm through to give Mitre another win on the board.

In the final game, Wayne Jonas was very unlucky losing darts to the annoying wire on the board, but it gave home team Mike Coates the comfortable lead to leave himself a double 1.

He got it to give Ship and Mitre B team their first win since late August, which will allow them the much-needed confidence going into their next game when they visit the Gateway Monday 23.


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