Mylchreest furious with Village Inn performance

img_0084Captain Peter Mylchreest has said he was unhappy following his teams 8-1 defeat against Village Inn on Monday.

Only Chris Ruddy could win his game and they ended up having to forfeit the final two games as they had ran out of players.

Asked about his own performance he said it was “awful.”

Clearly displeased, he added: “when we only turn up with seven players, we cant win. It makes our job a lot harder.

“It means as soon as they get to four, that’s it, we cannot win.”

Even when Ruddy won his game,  Mylchreest had already knew the match had gone so it did nothing to lighten the mood.


On a positive note for Mitre, this was the skippers first game back after illness kept him out of the 7-2 defeat against Arkles.

Although he only really fully recovered last week having only picked up the illness just after their 6-3 defeat in the Tony Donaghue Memorial Trophy against Peg Legs.

Ship and Mitre B are back in action on Monday night when they welcome Newstead B- and Mylchreest said jokingly that they may as well give up if they cant get a result out of this game.

It will be a busy night for our skipper as he is also involved in the secretaries competition which will follow the game on Monday night.


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