Village Inn Review


The most recent pub I have been to on my travels with Ship and Mitre B is the Village Inn in Stockbridge Village.

It is a small pub right next to a tower block of flats and it marks the end of a row of houses- which makes the car park slightly uneasy to access.

Going into the pub, it felt like the inside of somebody’s house as when you walked in, the pub was split in two. On the right, you had what was the main area where there is a TV and a pool table.

Then straight on, you had the darts room which looked and felt a little excluded from the rest of the pub as there was no bar staff in that part of the pub and the only people in there were the people playing darts so there wasn’t really a chance to grab the atmosphere which was a little disappointing.


On the positive side however, the darts space was very good and added to the occasion. It wasn’t like some of the other spaces where it was just part of a big space but it was nice to see the darts have its own space.

The darts space is great but for me, it could be better utilised and more of an atmosphere can be created. Do that and it could take the pub and the team to a whole new level.

It was a quicker night than expected though as Mitre only brought seven players and as a result, they had to forfeit the final two games and as a result, lost 8-1.


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