Under strength Mitre lose 11th in a row at the Village Inn

img_0078Ship and Mitre B’s difficult season continued with an 8-1 defeat to the Village Inn on Monday night.

The defeat in Stockbridge Village leaves Mitre second bottom in the league table and still without a win since August.

Hywel Jones started off for Mitre, who despite a slow start, did get down to a double but he couldn’t take it out and Mitre lost the first game.

It was then the turn of Ged Lofthouse next up against Mark Griffiths and it was a game Lofthouse will feel he should have won as he was first down to a double, but the misses caught up to him as Griffiths was able to finish on D5.

The writing was soon on the wall as captain Peter Myclhreest lost convincingly to Colin Sergeant, who went out eventually on D7.


Rob Warbrick also had an off night as he failed to get off during his defeat against Nixon- he was able to take out 52 under no pressure at all.

But all was not lost just yet as Chris Ruddy managed to get Mitre on the board as he managed to beat Hughes with one dart at D4.


But Mitre’s Misery was complete when both Paul Kelleher and Steve Dobby lost their games and with no one else to bring in, Mitre conceded the final two games, meaning an 8-1 defeat.

Still struggling for form and confidence, it could be a good time to play the league’s bottom side Newstead B, which they are next Monday.


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