What can we expect in 2017?


After a dismal end to 2016, what can we expect from Ship and Mitre B in the new year?

They ended the year with ten straight league defeats which has left them second bottom of the Liverpool Open Darts League.

They start 2017 with two games that could be seen as winnable as they take on 10th placed Village Inn and bottom of the table Newstead B.

Should they win at least one of these games, it could be a most needed confidence booster in the league. They actually started the season with three wins in their first six games and a return to similar form can get them up the table.

It could also be a big year in the cups for the team. They are in the first round of the Five a Side Cup after beating Masons A 3-2, and Peter Mylchreest and Ged Lofthouse can look forward to the pairs tournament after going through by default.

Captain Mylchreest said in his final captains corner before the new year that it could take “a change of decade rather than  a change of year for a change of luck.”

They have been unlucky in quite a few games this year as they narrowly lost a few games such as against Masons where Mylchreest missed four match darts and lost the tiebreaker.


If they can start cleaning up these sort of situations, then there is no reason why they cannot rediscover past form.

In terms of their fixtures, there are a few of the big teams they have to play, but they only play Peg Legs and Newstead A away, and they also have to play the Claremont but that is at home so that could work in their favour.

In league action, there is no such thing as an easy game but if they can get the rub of the green in some games then it could help them rise the table.

It will be January 9 when Ship and Mitre B are back in league action where they will travel to Whiston to take on the Village Inn.




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