My Experience on the Oche: Part Three

During the 7-2 defeat against Arkles, I was drafted in to help the team again.

I had played for the team on two other occasions, the 6-3 defeat against Melbourne in October and the 7-2 defeat against Gateway last month.

This time was different however, I was using my own darts this time and granted I hadn’t used them for a while, they were still the darts I was used to playing with.

Unlike the other times I had played, the starting double wasn’t the problem! I managed to get off on my second dart on D13 and a lot quicker than my opponent too, giving me an early upper hand.

I slowly but surely plucked away at the 301 but it was the checkout where I began to run into trouble. More and more darts were coming and going at various doubles and my opponent was creeping up behind me.

I ended up on D8, D4 and D2 yet I just couldn’t find the double and I would be punished as my opponent went out on D4.

It was certainly a better experience than my previous games, but a good learning curve nonetheless.


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