Mitre B suffer defeat against Arkles

Ship and Mitre B returned to league action Monday night with a continued losing streak, with a 7-2 defeat to the Arkles.

It wasn’t a great start to the game as captain Peter Mylchreest was out through an illness, however, Paul Kelleher was the teams stand in captain.

Rob Warbrick and Hywel Jones were the only winners for the Mitre team and didn’t have their name scratched off the board like their teammates.

Behind early on

Ged Lofthouse was up first and was off to a good start with a double 11, but failed to get any momentum.


His opponent was playing clean darts, he eventually took the early lead for the Arkles with double 20.

All even

Warbrick was the second player up for Mitre and he opened to score with a massive 112 with his first set of darts.

Whereas his opponent was slow to get into the match, but when he did, he was only achieving a low score.

Warbrick stormed through to take the match on his second attempt to check out and levelled the playing field.


Losing run

John Gibbons went up next and he struggled to get off the mark, lacking behind it soon revealed he had some trouble hitting the doubles and failed to take the game. As his opponent took the advantaged and grabbed the lead again for the Arkles.

Steve Dobby scored a massive 117 for 66 left on the board but failed to hit the double which allowed his opponent to take the win and extended the Arkles lead to 3-1.

Soon Mitre found themselves 4-1 down when Mike Coates couldn’t take the game to his opponent, as Arkles were playing clean darts stormed into the lead, making it harder for Mitre to catch up.

Loss of pride

Chris Ruddy lacked behind as it was his third set of darts to get off the mark, however, that didn’t matter, he finally caught up to his opponent.

But finally, as a close encounter came to an end, his name was another home team name to be scratched from the board.

Jones had restored some pride in the team as he was the second team member to take a win for Mitre, to make it 5-2 to Arkles.

And finally, stand in captain Kelleher was last up to throw, although the game was already lost he gave it a good go.

He couldn’t close the game out with the much needed double, and it finished 7-2 to Arkles.


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