Captain’s Corner: “Just shows you what can be done in the short game.”

It is very frustrating. Some great darts to get there, particularly as Steve Dobby hadn’t even had a practice game beforehand. Just shows you what can be done in the short game.

Although we were 3-0 up, in the back of my mind I always had the issue that we didn’t have a full team yet again. I let the lads down a bit by taking an age to get off. I pride myself on being able to hit a starting double quite quickly but every now and again you get one of those games.

Not making the most of an advantage

Despite that, I thought everyone else threw as well as they could and took what chances came their way. At the end of the day, they had a better team than we did with a few good players in reserve.

Not sure really what positives we can take away from the game. Maybe the best thing is not to play at all before the game!!!

Peter Mylchreest in action

However, we can’t dwell on the past game, we have to look towards tricky test on Monday against the Arkles, and again they have a very good team. They taught us a lesson at their place and we will have the added difficulty of throwing second. The lads will be full of Christmas spirit (probably literally) so it should be an interesting match.

We break now until 9th of January, I’m guessing that any confidence boost we might be able to squeeze out will be well forgotten by then.


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