Captain’s Corner: “Claiming the game appeared to be the only fair option”

It is very frustrating when opponents are no shows’. Both I and my partner had put some practice in and we were looking forward to the game.

Both of us were playing well before the match time and we were confident that we would have won the game anyway.

Frustrating time

Usually, there’s a fair bit of give and take when the opponent doesn’t turn up but there seems to be a pattern in this case and claiming the game appeared to be the only fair option.

Peter Mylchreest in action

Never the less, it’s always good to get through to the next round. The very fact that the majority of potential opponents have won their previous game should mean the competition gets a little harder and gives you a chance to improve your own game.

Looking ahead

Looking towards Monday’s game against Peg Legs It’s going to be a tough game, they have quite a few quality players.

As always, we will give 100% and hopefully that will see us through. This is a very short cup competition and just a little luck can take the team a long way.

However, I’m not convinced that form plays any part in the cup. As I’ve said before, the 301 game can be very unforgiving. Getting away quickly gives you such an advantage and the honour of throwing first is shared almost equally so anything can happen.


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