Gateway Review

img_0064The Gateway is a pub/hotel that is based on the Dock Road by Crosby.

The pub itself where the darts match took place was a very spacy area with a special stage area dedicated to darts, something that I haven’t seen at other venues.

This gave the darts a more official feel to it and a chance to stand out in the pub.

The pub was almost typical for a Monday night with not many patrons in due to the day of the week, there were a few in to watch the football match between West Brom and Burnley, some to watch the darts and some there just for a quiet drink.

The pub overall gave off a nice atmosphere from the darts team down to the staff working that night.

What also gave a nice touch was that the team were very gracious in victory. Interaction with myself and the team was very good, which added to the very good atmosphere of the pub.

Overall, darts night is a very good night at the Gateway, very good atmosphere and I thoroughly enjoyed my night.


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