Around the League 21/11/16

There were no big surprises this week, the obvious winners and current league leaders Claremont, took no prisoners with their hefty 8-1 victory over Arkles.


The Gateway win over Ship and Mitre “B” meant they are still in close contentions to the leaders to four points.


Village Inn is continuing to rise up in the table, with their recent 6-3 win over Masons, however, is almost matches the downfall of Liver Vaults in the table, who lost in a tight-knit 4-5 game.


Elsewhere in the league, the postponement of the Newstead derby resulted in the “A” team drop out of the top three.


The one surprise in the league was when Ship and Mire “A” were unable to get a game on the board and lost straight nine games against the Oak Tree.


League table

Claremont – 28

Gateway – 24

Peg Legs – 24

Newstead A – 22

Liver Vaults – 18

Oak Tree – 18

Queen of Martyrs – 16

Village Inn – 16

Arkles – 14

Melbourne – 14

Ship and Mitre A – 12

Masons – 10

O.D.V.A – 8

Glasshouse – 6

Ship and Mitre B – 6

Newstead B – 0


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