My experience on the Oche: Part Two

Once again, I found myself asked to play as Ship and Mitre B found players in short supply during their 7-2 defeat to Gateway.

It was a bit less of a surprise this time- taking into consideration I had been asked before during the sides 6-3 defeat to Melbourne last month.

This time I was using someone else’s darts (Peter Mylchreest’s) and I went back to my usual left handed throw, which was proven to have more power than my right handed shot.

Peter Mylchreest in action
Although it was a much lighter dart than anything I have thrown before but weirdly I felt more at home on the stage that night, I don’t know if it was returning to my familiar throw or the fact that I had done it before.

As for the result, unfortunately it turned out to be the same as I was beaten by Dave White Senior but unlike my last game, I did manage to get my starting double!

I started on D10, but by the time I did, White was already on a checkout and negotiating the madhouse and I managed to hit a 43 to reduce my score but by then I was out of my misery as White hit the madhouse.

The nice thing was that I had players from both sides wishing me hard luck. The hard thing was I was so close to hitting D15 earlier on and had I have hit it, it may have been more of a contest- although I may be clutching at straws!


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