Captain’s corner: “you only improve your game by playing good teams.”

 Well, even though you know you are playing a good team, getting beat is always a disappointment. At the start of the game it was always going to be a big ask because we didn’t have a full team. The conundrum is whether to go with the better players early on or hold back in case there’s a cliff-hanger later on. When you are at home it’s twice as hard because the away team can see who is playing before they have to decide.
The crazy thing is that of the first three games, we won one we probably should have lost and lost one we really should have won. I suppose this balances it up a bit. Once we went 3-2 down we really were on the back foot. I knew they would field a good player in the next game and took a gamble that didn’t play off. On hindsight I might have played if differently but that doesn’t mean the score-line would have been different!
Overall, everyone did the best they could on the night and there’s are never any complaints about the team’s commitment.

 Improvements needed

As I said last week, you only improve your game by playing good teams. I’m looking forward to the game even though the venue is quite a hike.
Gateway only joined the league last season so we have only played them twice before. We narrowly last 5-4 at home after being 4-2 up but at the reverse fixture they gave us a right going over. The only consolation is that 4 of the games were of 39 darts or more and if this happens again you have to think there’s a chance.
We closing in on the halfway point of the season, maybe the second half will see us change our luck. There’s also a few weeks coming up with a break from the league so maybe that will revitalise the lads. My biggest wish is having a full team to choose from, it really does make a difference.

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