Captain’s Corner: “It’s a daunting task when the team your playing has four or five County players.”

It was a relief to finally get a win under our belt, we had a great start to the season but it seems ages since we managed a win. Going one nil down was a bit disappointing but Ged Lofthouse was throwing with new darts after having his stolen last week. Bobby Warbrick played well as usual and I was relieved to hit my double after the misses in the league game. Steve Dobby let himself down a bit, he is a much better player than it looked. I was most pleased with Mike Coates taking the last game, his confidence has been hit lately and this will do him the world of good.

Good run isn’t off the cards

I hope we can put a little run together but realistically, we have to accept there are a fair number of teams that will always finish above us. Our main challenge is getting everyone to turn up. It’s difficult because some of the lad’s work shifts and can’t always get there. On the night, with a full team, we can give most teams a run for their money.

It would be nice to have a decent run in the five a side cup this year, but the draw will play a major part in how far we get. There are a number of teams who have County standard players who are capable of putting in 12 darts games regularly. I’m keeping my fingers crossed we have a little bit of luck.

Peter Mylchreest in action


Not looking backwards

Looking to the next game it’s going to be a hard one!

Seriously, Newstead A is a very good team. They beat us 7-2 last year but I recall we had a real chance in a couple of the other games. We’ll approach the game in a positive frame of mind, as we always do. With a bit of good fortune, we might push them a little more this time around.

The next game is at home and the main advantage of being at home is not losing half an hour practice time due to the travelling!

On the face of it, the venue shouldn’t really make any difference, however, I think our place has one of the brightest boards in the league and this can be a little intimidating if you’re not used to it.

Having always had the view that you can only get improve your game by playing better players so yes, I personally look forward to these games and I know the other lads feel the same.

It’s a daunting task when the team your playing has four or five County players but 301, with a double start, can even things out a little. If you can get off in your first three darts and hit one decent score, you always have a chance.


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