Ship advance to next round with Masons win

20161031_221836Ship and Mitre “B” claimed their first win in seven games as they defeated Masons in the five a side cup.

The result comes just a week after Mitre lost a tiebreaker against the same team in the same venue.

It wasn’t a good start for Mitre however, as Ged Lofthouse lost his game against Aaron Armstrong.

He said after the game “the middle part killed me. If you can’t maintain heavy scoring then it’s just not good enough.”

Rob Warbrick was up next and some brilliant power scoring as part of a 19 dart leg inspired him to victory.

There was controversy next as Peter Mylchreest took the next game against Terry Crowe on D8 but then there appeared to be a miscount with the skippers score but the result stood as he took out what was initially declared by the scorer.

Mylchreest said after the game that he was just relieved to get over the line after his double trouble last week.

Steve Dobby was up next but inconsistent scoring proved to be his worst enemy as he lost the game and another tiebreaker was forced.

Michael Coates then stepped up for the tiebreaker against Joe Humphreys and his consistency proved to be his advantage as he won the game for Mitre on D16.

They will be hoping this result will give them the confidence as they return to league action back home on Dale Street as they welcome the second placed side Newstead “A” next Monday.


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