Lofthouse praises team spirit

Ged Lofthouse has praised the team spirit of Ship and Mitre “B” during their 6-3 defeat against Melbourne.

During a break in one of the games, he said: “We are a good team to look at. Were not individuals who chase glory, were a team. We play as a team, and we lose as a team.”

“Every time we lose, me in particular, I feel as though I’ve let the team down and we are all there to pick each other up at those times. And when we win we will all celebrate together”

Lofthouse is a regular in the Ship and Mitre B team and has played an important part in the clubs recent successes.

This spirit is always evident as whenever someone from the team wins or loses, they will always get a round of high fives or fist bumps.

The most popular form of darts is the individual or the pairs game, but it is no doubt good to hear that a team spirit does exist at this format.

He showed great nerve in his game as he eventually went out on the madhouse double one to put the boys 3-2 up against Melbourne, but it was ultimately to be the last points they would win in the game.

Lofthouse and the team will be hoping that spirit will be on display when they travel to Old Swan and take on Masons on Monday, hoping to end a run of six straight defeats, they have not won since August 22.


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