My experience on the Oche

As I arrived in the Ship and Mitre that Monday night, I had no idea what was to be in store.

My intentions were to just go and watch their game against Melbourne in the Liverpool Open Darts League, but little did I know I was to play a part.

Admittedly I thought Peter (the captain) was joking when he said I would be playing in the last game, and with the game gone for the B team, I had to play the last game.

I was up against Billy Rathbone; one of the many Rathbone’s who represented the Melbourne that night.

They all had mixed fortunes that night, while Louise struggled to get off, Mark hit an 11 dart leg. Jamie and Anthony had also picked up wins in their games.

It was a good job the game was gone as I struggled on the double start. I was close to hitting D19, D16 and even the bullseye, but ultimately I would not get off in the game, leaving Rathbone to cruise to victory.

As I say, it was lucky the game had already gone, Melbourne were 5-3 up at this stage in a best-of-nine clash.

Although Billy Rathbone initially struggled to get off, he would eventually and once he did, he cruised his way to victory.

I hadn’t played darts properly in over a year. I think it was clear to everyone in the pub as to why that is the case.


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